13 Things from a Year in Football

Celtic get eliminated from Europe 3 times. In one season. Again

Poor Celtic, they get a lot of stick for this, but, seriously guys. You’re our only hope in European football. Try not to get put out so much! After being eliminated for the first time after a 6-1 aggregate defeat by Legia Warsaw, they were reinstated to the competition after it came to light that Legia had a suspended player on the bench. They were then put out of the competition, again, in the next round after a 2-1 aggregate defeat to Maribor. They dropped into the Europa League and were doing well, but were unfortunately put out by Inter Milan 4-3 on aggregate in the knock-out phase, making it the 3rd time they had been eliminated from Europe in the one season. Unreal.


“Guys, it’s fine. Calm down. Even if we get beat, we’ll go through anyways…”

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