4 Things to Take Care Of When Ordering Customised Team Uniforms

Other than a player or athlete’s athletic abilities, one thing that makes him or her stand out from the crowd is the sports team uniform they are wearing. Whether it is a school sports team, a college team, or a professional league team, the sports team uniform you design should be bold with vibrant colours and should have clean lines, designs, patterns, and most importantly, should display your team name, logo, and the players name attractively in an eye-catching manner.

This is where custom uniforms are a game-changer. Custom team uniforms give you the luxury to design the perfect uniform without any sort of limitations. They allow you to use any colour, make any image, design or pattern and use literally any font to write your text.

The possibilities are simply endless. Ordering customised uniforms for your team can be fun. Just think about it, designing your own uniforms without any limitations whatsoever, you can easily make anything you want. Sound easy, right? But the thing is that while you design your custom uniform, you have to take care of a few things in order to create that perfect design that suits your team.

A uniform represents your team to the rest of the world, so it is imperative that they are made to be absolutely perfect and portray a positive image of your team and sport. Everything from the colour, to the cut to the material and simply overall design of the jersey, speaks a lot about your team to the public and so should be absolutely perfect.

To ensure that they are perfect, here are a few things you need to take care of when ordering fully customised uniforms for your team.

Avoid Typos

When ordering anything that’s customised, make sure to double-check all the spellings in the sample design that you have sent. Make sure there are zero typos and grammatical mistakes. One mistake can ruin the whole batch and can turn your dream uniform into an experience you’d like to forget.

I mean seriously. How would you feel if your name is “Matt” and a typing error makes it “Mad”? Anyway, always take care of the spelling and the details. Typos, even the smallest of ones, can make the whole custom order unusable and will make your hard-earned money go down the drain, so avoid this at all costs.

Think out your design and avoid overdesign

Sure, customisation allows you to create any sort of design you want in as many colours as you want, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to do that. Overdesigning and making your team uniform too over the top and brash would simply ruin the look you’re going for. Think out your designs before sending them. Draw them and see if they look good and get a second opinion. Then a third, and fourth, just to be sure.

A lot of times, something that looks good in your head looks absolutely hideous when it’s produced. Try not to put in too much in your custom design, so that your uniforms highlight the team and the player instead of taking all the attention away from them. The simple recommendation is to plan out your design, keep it simplistic and don’t overdo it.

The design should match your team’s personality.

The designing phase of a sports uniform is crucial, and in a way, the uniform presents your team’s personality. So, when designing a uniform, you should keep a lot of things in mind such as your team’s motto, location, the team’s style of play and gender of the people who are going to be wearing the uniform. The style, design, the cut and all the colour combinations incorporated in the uniforms need to be planned to perfection before the printing process begins.

Do not hurry the printing process.

When you make a custom order from any business, you should never ever hurry any process. From start to finish everything should be planned and given time. You should always plan ahead, take time planning so that there are no errors from your end and then give the printer ample time to manufacture and produce your uniforms accurately.

Keep in mind that screen printing is a process that takes a lot of time, so be patient and don’t put the manufacturers under pressure. Plan ahead and be ready beforehand so that your uniforms get printed and delivered well before the time you actually need them.

These were the four crucial things to keep in mind when ordering customised team uniforms for your squad. Take care of these and trust me, you’ll have amazing uniforms that, in the end, enhance the look and feel of your team, no matter what level they play at.

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