About Spend It Like Beckham

Welcome to Spend It Like Beckham!

As a male in my mid 20s there are a few things that are ALWAYS on my mind. Two of them being money and football. (I’ll leave the others to your imagination.)

I’ve always been interested in how the world of not just football, but sports as a whole became as colossal as it is, and wouldn’t you know it; MONEY plays a huge part in it! It exists everywhere and is more often than not the reasoning behind some of the world’s biggest deals in sports.

Whether it’s a players fee or wages or whether it’s a takeover of a franchise, money is the be all and end all in this industry.

And while I can keep dreaming of the riches of Real Madrid, The New York Yankees or His Royal Highness David Beckham, I’ve always had to keep my conscious mind focused on managing the (very)  little finances that I do seem to have.

Having these matters as such major players (pun intended) in my life, and the fact that I’ve got an opinion on just about everything, I thought it would be interesting to write about them, to talk about them and discuss them.

How are they are related? Who makes the most in football? Why is the NFL so profitable? How can one football team afford to spend £80 million on one player? When did the RFU become moderately watchable? Okay, maybe that one isn’t financially related, but it’s a question that needs to be asked!

We will figure out who is getting most bang for their buck and tell you how you can get the most for yours! Frugal sports fans unite; this is Spend It Like Beckham!