Footballers v Footballers: Soccer & NFL player comparison

Here at Spend It Like Beckham, we’re all about sports. We love sports. But, we are probably more than a little biased towards the old soccer. Or football as we call it. We also came to the conclusion that most people this side of the pond are the same, in that they favour football (or soccer) over American Football for example. So, we thought it would be a good idea to spread some knowledge around, in regards to the old hand egg.

We’ve taken 6 of the most prominent footballers (or soccererererers) and found their American Football counterparts. Their equivalents. Their competitors. Their nemeses. Okay, probably not nemeses, but the rest definitely.

Also, we’d like to thank a friend of SILB, Mr. Andrew Steel for providing the information regarding the footballers from over the pond.


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