The Best NFL Fastasy Football Leagues

Which NFL Fantasy Football League Should You Choose?

The new NFL season is just a few short days away from kicking off when The Steelers host The Patriots, and there is already buzz of this season being an exciting one!

Possibly more exciting for the fans, is the return of Fantasy Football – a favourite pastime of many sports fans, that always seems to bring out our more competitive sides…

“Ssssuuucckkkkk iiiitttttttttt!!”

Jovial insults aside, any fantasy football league can be great fun for you and your friends. A sense of pride always follows the leader, and of course, bragging rights – who doesn’t want bragging rights? No one, that’s who.

However, there are many fantasy football league options out there, so it’s important to find one that is going to suit you and your friends style of “play”. How much budget do you get? Is there an app? Is there a chat function? These are just a handful of the commonly asked questions regarding fantasy football leagues, so, being the good guys we are, we’ve decided to draw up this list of the best NFL fantasy football leagues and sites that you can join before the season kicks off.

So, click-through at the bottom to find out which site you should be signing up for…

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