Women’s World Cup 2019 – Scotland to France and All the Costs In-Between

World Cup

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup starting in less than three days, players, supporters and football fans alike are at the ready to take on the heat in France this summer. The international competition has been held every four years since 1991 and this year, home to an exquisite selection of cheeses and fine red wines, it is France’s turn to provide the goods. Taking place in nine different cities across the country, the tournament evokes infinite opportunities for both spectators and attendees, be it home or away. So, the big question is, how much is this event going to cost an avid football supporter from Glasgow?


Due to the popular spectating of the reputable tournament across the world, today, I am going to explore the high to low-cost options available for the football fans of Glasgow wishing to either attend or watch the matches. Beginning with the most expensive option of a weekend trip from Glasgow to Nice, where the first Scotland v England game is going to be held. If the guest was to attend the much-anticipated rivalry on Sunday 9th June, £30 per ticket would be the initial starting cost- not bad!

In terms of travel for an attendee of the Women’s World Cup, the ideal departure day would be Saturday 9th June, with flights from Glasgow to Nice starting at £248 return, assuming a 3-night long weekend stay in order to make the most of the event whilst perhaps also indulging in some sight-seeing of the beautiful French Riviera. The infamous Eurostar does not appear much cheaper, with trains from Glasgow Central to Nice Ville amounting to over £520 return. Ouch! Although perhaps justified by the cheap match ticket?

The cost of accommodation must also be considered for the long weekend stay. Continuing the extravagant experience, Nice proposes an endless variety of places to stay for travelling guests, be it a romantic getaway, a family trip or a vacation for friends. From luxurious hotels starting at £400 per night, it is not likely to be a cheap getaway. This football extravagance has not even considered the cost of food, drink and any extra activities over the weekend. However, Airbnb offers standard rooms within the city centre ranging from £30-60 per night- a much more affordable means of accommodation for our fans on a budget.


Alternatively, our football enthusiasts may choose to enjoy the World Cup in the mighty Glasgow itself on a cheaper budget, by viewing any match on live screen whilst making a day of it in the pub with friends and family. Not only does this option provide more choice and versatility, omitting the costs of travel and accommodation to France means a spectator will incur a below average price of lager at £2.75- next to nothing compared to our previous expenses!

The beauty of Glasgow being a big city means that you won’t be short of pubs or bars which screen such popular sports events such as the Women’s World Cup. The city centre beacons some of the most notorious pubs in Glasgow, such as The Waterloo and The Admiral which offer comfortable and effortless viewing, complemented by a lively public atmosphere. Pubs in the centre also provide nearby transport links such as Central Station or the Subway, allowing for easy and efficient travel for spectators before and after the match (or a few lagers).

A local favourite of mine must be The Park Bar in Finnieston- a traditional pub that bids reasonably priced drinks, local food and most importantly, boasts an excellent sporting atmosphere. A trusty place for a lively day watching some tremendous football. The pub also supports a live band on a Friday night, which could shape a fruitful evening after the Scotland v Japan match on 14th June.


Finally, one could simply choose to spectate the Women’s World Cup from the comfort of their own home. This is by far the cheapest option, allowing individuals to buy and supply their own beverages, food and entertainment on a budget that is best suited to their lifestyle. A simple yet enjoyable way of immersing yourself in the tournament, whilst conjointly saving money.

So, there we have it. The costs of the Women’s World Cup 2019 from Glasgow to France, from the cheapest to the most expensive way of spectating. Discovering the most suitable and cost-effective way to get involved in the football is the ultimate end goal (pun intended).

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