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Just How Ready Are You?

0430 MONEY Students 1...PA library file of students of Liverpool University waiting to receive their degree at the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. Consumer rights campaigners warned students Thursday September 18, 2003, to steer clear of credit card companies offering  gimmicks  such as free cameras and book tokens. Expensive credit card debt could  push students over the edge , claimed the National Consumer Council in advice timed to coincide with Freshers  Week. Surveys have suggested that graduates can expect to university with student loan, overdraft and other debts totalling between  10,000 and  15,000. See PA  0430 MONEY Students. PA Photo.

Graduation. A truly exciting time. You’ve just spent the last few years learning, studying, laughing, crying, studying some more and now it is all about to come to an end. You should be excited – you deserve to be. You are about to take your first steps into, what many people consider ‘the real world’ Continue Reading →